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AdWare & SpyWare Eradicator Free

Our software goes above and beyond your typical spyware removal software and actively monitors which programs are running on your computer. If it sees a spyware or adware program trying to start, it will stop it dead in it’s tracks. It prevents any program from changing your Internet Explorer Home Page without your permission. Which means that spyware authors can’t direct you to their own Web sites where they can infect you with even more malicious programs. In addition to these proactive methods, the software also contains smart adware and spyware scanning techniques that let you scan your entire system any time. Proactive protection monitors your computer and stops spyware dead in it’s tracks. Home Page Hijack Protection prevents spyware programs from changing your Internet Home Page. Runs at startup to provide continuous protection, scans running processes, scans the Windows Registry, scans Internet cookies.

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