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BlueVade JukeBox 1.0.0 Free

BlueVade JukeBox 1.0.0

Bluevade jukebox – Web based jukebox for MP3 files

BlueVade JukeBox is a web based jukebox program for MP3 files. It runs silently in the system tray and can be accessed by any machine on your local network. BlueVade JukeBox is the perfect way to utilize your MP3 collection to it’s fullest. Features include: Web-based Jukebox server accessable from any machine on your network with a frames-capable webbrowser (non-frames version coming soon), Works just like a jukebox at your favorite drinking establishment, Great for parties (that’s actually how it came to fruition), Support for the MP3 audio file format, Support for ID3 v1 and v2 Tags, Number of MP3 files is limited only by your computer Memory and speed, Customizable look through style sheets, Assignable playlists for use when no songs have been requested, Administration functions can be limited by IP address.

BlueVade JukeBox is licensed as shareware. Follow the link bellow and free download BlueVade JukeBox

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