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BtoCAD 2009 standard trial version 2009 Free

Btocad 2009 standard trial version – An affordable CAD drawing program

What is BtoCAD? The key advantage of BtoCAD is that it acquires almost all the key functions of AutoCAD while costs less than one tenth of its price. It can be applied widely in almost all industries that need CAD software for design, such as manufacturing, mold, machine, electronics, architecture, telecom, furniture and decoration industries. BtoCAD is developed on the basis of the IntelliCAD?Technology Consortium (ITC) core technology and developer (YFCAD Software) owns the full license. BtoCAD shares similar functions with AutoCAD and takes DWG as its internal processing file, which is totally compatible with various versions of AutoCAD(2.5~2009). It also shares resemble interface, controlling process with AutoCAD, thus users do not need to change their using habits if they are familiar with AutoCAD. In one word, BtoCAD is an excellent AutoCAD alternative with the Best Price Six Major Advantages Of BtoCAD
1. Fully original. Based on the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium (ITC) core technology, complete with the full license. 2. World recognized technologies. Jointly developed by the developers from more than 30 countries, using hundreds of thousand of professionals around the world, the stability and technologies are in pace with the current world trends. 3. Incomparable functionalities. Complete with AutoCAD functionalities, with only part of the AutoCAD price 4. High compatibilities. Retains the commands and functions of AutoCAD so that the designers are not required to change the preference of operation. Supports AutoCAD menus and commands. 5. Developed according to the industry needs. Fast and easy to use tools bar improves work efficiency. 6. Best price BtoCAD gains large part, approx 85% of key functions of AutoCAD with less than one tenth of its price.

BtoCAD 2009 standard trial version is licensed as freeware. Follow the link bellow and free download BtoCAD 2009 standard trial version.


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