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DJ Jukebox 14.2 Free

DJ Jukebox 14.2

Dj jukebox – A playlist generator and media file manager.

DJ Jukebox is a tool for the management of a song library and the generation of playlists. It allows you to allocate each song a rating so favourite songs are played more often and unwanted songs are not chosen. Once all songs are rated, the DJ Jukebox is able to generate playlists combining the perfect mix of great songs, good songs and average songs while enabling repetition prevention so the playlist is always fresh. This makes DJ Jukebox a fantastic time saver particularly with a large collection. DJ Jukebox also maintains a song list and its rating from an easy to use song table which enables you to easily rename, delete or rate your songs.

DJ Jukebox is licensed as shareware. Follow the link bellow and free download DJ Jukebox.

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