DVD/CD DATA-BURNER with Disc_Log 7.0 Free

DVDCD DATA-BURNER with Disc_Log 7.0

Dvd/cd data-burner with disc_log – Save your data on CDs and DVD discs- Easily!

“DVD/CD Data-Burner with Disc_Log” writes discs easily and keeps track of them. It is fully automatic and there are no settings to select. For your convenience there is no rebooting after setup. Just download and run- in minutes you have a new DVD or CD!

  • DVD/CD Data-Burner is software used to burn files and folders onto a DVD+R, DVD-R, CDR, or CDRW.
  • Works on Vista even without fancy video cards.
  • Older burners supported.
  • Disc_Log is the automatic system to keep track of each disc you burn. It numbers each disc, saves your comments, and can even export to MS Excel. Get the organization you have been missing.
  • Ideal for fast backups and transfers of large files. Move files and folders with Drag and Drop.
  • With few options to choose the learning curve is short and sweet.
  • Will DATA-BURNER co-exist peacefully with other CD-R software? YES. It does not install any proprietary drivers, add anything to your system folders, or modify your system settings.
  • Net-Burner is a US company in North Carolina. Our software is simple and safe for your computer.
  • See the benefit of printable jewel case inserts and simple operation, download it now.

DVD/CD DATA-BURNER with Disc_Log is licensed as shareware. Follow the link bellow and free download DVD/CD DATA-BURNER with Disc_Log.


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