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eBoostr 4.0.554 Free

eBoostr 4.0.554

Eboostr – Speed up Windows PC with flash memory.

eBoostr is a software that makes your computer faster. eBoostr works by catching your most frequently used files onto flash memory devices (USB sticks or flash cards). It detects the files and applications that are used most often and forces your system to load them from flash memory rather than the harddrive. Doing this makes your computer work faster than ever before. eBoostr constantly learns and adapts to your computers performance so you computer will continue to work quickly. You are also able to use up to four flash drives at a time to make your computer work faster. You will see the most benefit from this software if you have a lot of software installed and have been using the computer for some time.

eBoostr is licensed as shareware. Follow the link bellow and free download eBoostr.

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