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FastAccess Pro Facial Recognition Free

Is your entire life stored on your computer? Tired of endlessly typing passwords? There is a better way! FastAccess let yous use your face to automatically login to websites and your computer. Green your PC with “EcoAware” face tracking which saves energy and can even extend battery life. Automatically secure your desktop and websites when you step away. Automatically enforce Windows parental controls and keep a photo audit log of who used your computer.

FastAccess maintains an extremely high rate of recognition while still providing the accuracy required by hospitals and banks. Tested by millions of users and against standard government databases, FastAccess provides confidence, convenience, security, power savings, and fun. Works with existing Web cams. Web Login feature now supports IE, Firefox and Google’s Chrome browser.

What’s new in this version: Updated browser support. Now supports up to IE9, Chrome 20 and Firefox 14.

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