Flash Optimizer Lite 2.0 Free

Flash Optimizer Lite 2.0

Flash Optimizer Lite for Mac OS is an easy in use compression utility that lets you reduce SWF file size without special skills. So if you haven’t any idea about morphs, shapes, fonts and other Macromedia Flash objects, it makes a quality compressed SWF which complies with your requirement – small, fast-loading Flash animation. Flash Optimizer Lite was developed for people who appreciate time and want to get fairly good compression quickly. We have chosen a set of predefined parameters which anticipate your wishes and allow avoid long-lasting program customization. Thus, you are able to compress any complex file – just select a set which meets given requirements and click to optimize.

Please note, that for more substantial optimization we recommend Standard edition of Flash Optimizer, which offers Truncate Shapes, Truncate Fonts, Z-Buffer, Images, Zero-objects, and Scales optimization, along with an advanced opportunity to specify your own compression settings for Flash files.


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