Free CUDA Video Converter

Free CUDA Video Converter

CUDA Video Converter is a software program for converting your videos into different formats, both video and audio. With clear user guidance and a simplified approach, this is one of the easier tools for reformatting and performing minor edits on your videos.

The interface is easy to understand. The key functions are all set out on a single page and it’s easy enough to figure out how to get started with the instructions they offer on the program itself as soon as you startup. The features included the expected Conversion as well as, Clip, Merge and Edit. In our testing Clip and Merge were the most useful since it allowed us to put a collection of videos into a single file and trim off any parts of the clips that we didn’t want to see in the final video. Edit had some interesting special effects, flip and cropping features, but they weren’t quite as useful as the other features. For video conversion, the wait time is reasonable. The Help page, which takes you to a Web site, is actually very helpful and easy to understand with its step by step instructions so you can learn more as you go along.

This software was easy to download and install. It also uninstalls cleanly. This is a free version of the software, but it can be upgraded. The free version has a few buttons and options faded out, but a lot can be done with just the free version. We would recommend this to the novice user and more advanced user alike.


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