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Ideal DVD Ripper 4.0.2

Ideal DVD Ripper 4.0.2

Ideal dvd ripper – Rip dvd to mkv,mpg,avi,mp4,wmv

Ideal DVD Ripper can rip any dvd to mkv,mpg,avi,mp4,wmv format. Compatible with iPad3, iPad, iPhone4s, iPhone 4, iPhone3GS, iPhone, iPod, iPodtouch, Apple TV, android mobile phone, Samsung smart phone etc. Support H.264, MPEG-4, xvid and divx codec. With smart arithmetic and auto de-interlace, you can get nearly the same quality as the original disc. Fast ripping speed, users have feedback that they can rip a 7GB movie to iPad3 in five minutes. You also can select multiple audio tracks to rip, so that you can switch to other audio track if your player software supports. Can output 5.1 audio or mp3 audio.

Ideal DVD Ripper is licensed as shareware. Follow the link bellow and free download Ideal DVD Ripper.

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