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iMesh 11.0 Free

iMesh is a peer-to-peer client and the ultimate P2P file sharing community, that’s 100% legal!, which can be used to connect to the iMesh network and share multimedia and other files. It has intuitive and easy to use interface, connects to the network quickly, and offers simple and advanced search. Over 15 million FREE songs & videos and over 4 million original high quality songs licensed from the record labels. Sync with your iPod, listen to DJ stations, discover new artists and much more.

What’s New in iMesh:

New Library
Slick visuals and a simple layout make browsing your music and videos easier than ever before! Your library has never been this organized.

iPods and MP3 Players
Connecting an iPod / MP3 player is as easy as plugging it in. You can transfer songs to and from your iPod manually, or have iMesh automatically sync your library with your device each time you connect it.

Color Schemes
Get your iMesh looking just the way you want it to with these slick new color schemes. From Sky Blue to Hot Pink, there’s something for every desktop.

iMesh DJ
Enter the name of a song, artist, or mood, and iMesh will automatically create a playlist full of music you’ll love.

Meet New People
Share and listen to music together, upload photos, and much more.

HD Videos
iMesh handles HD videos with ease in its new video modes. Play HD videos inside iMesh, pop them out to float mode, or go full screen.


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