Nmap 6.01 Free

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Nmap (also known as Network Mapper) is a free and open source tool that enables you to check the networks in your environment. Not only that you can see detailed information about them, but you can also test and audit their security status, a feature that will be welcomed by professional network administrators who maintain large network clusters.

With Nmap you can perform various network tasks, such as upgrade schedules, network inventories, monitor host or service uptimes, and much more. It’s raw IP packet processing can determine available hosts on the network, active services (their name and version), operating systems, type of firewall/packet filters are in use, and many other characteristics that can be extracted from a network scan.

Professional users will be glad to hear that in addition to the advanced GUI result viewer, Nmap also features powerful classic command-line executable. In addition to that, you can also access tool that compares scan results, debugging and data transfer redirection tool, and a packet monitoring tool.



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