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Photoscape 3.6 Free

Photoscape 3.6

Publisher’s description – Photoscape 3.6

Photoscape starts with a welcome to all the sub-applications it contains

Photoscape is a suite for processing images with a large number of effects and improvements to perfect your photographs, paintings or presentations.

It was never so easy to create an album, catalog a disorganized folder of image files, design animated GIFs, create a collage, share your moments or retouch presentations with a professional style. These are some of the many features that the Photoscape tools provide you.

With a simple and intuitive interface, Photoscape starts with a welcome to all the sub-applications it contains. In this startup screen appear the Editor, Converter, Viewer, Animated GIF, Mural, Renaming, Printing, among many others, that complete an effective and complete illustration processor.

Outstanding in the Editor is the large number of very easy-to-use effects with variable parameters, corrections of defects, trimming, selecting regions, inserting elements, etc.

Photoscape makes it possible to work in batch mode, speeding up the process of editing, renaming or organizing, saving your valuable time. To top it off, it supports all the known file formats and it’s possible to share the results simply in online albums or social networks.

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