SampleSmith_Free_G1-v1 1.0 Free

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Samplesmith_free_g1-v1 – Quality acoustic guitar soundfont (SF2) demo.

A demo version of the SampleSmith G1Soundfont (SF2), a high quality 2 velocity switched soundfont of a fine hand made steel string guitar, . In the free demo version there is no velocity switching, and the number of samples has been reduced. SampleSmith SoundFonts are large. At 32MB, even the demo version is fairly big for a single instrument. It can be used with any soundfont player that supports .SF2 files, provided enough memory is available. None of the samples are looped, and some of them run over 3MB for an individual stereo sample. The sample mapping is available in spreadsheet form on the site downloads page.



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