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Space Toad MIDI Sequencer 2.1.1 Free

Space toad midi sequencer – VST Host / MIDI Sequencer

Space Toad MIDI Sequencer is a software that behaves as a VST host and multitrack sequencer. This software acts as a audio engine with a low latency mode and support for sixteen VST instrument chanels with three effects per instrument and six AUX effects overall. Space Toad also provides you with an audio mixer that includes a three band equalizaer and a switchable internal routing. It allows you to record up to sixty four tracks with eight recordable real time paramaters. You also have options to mute out tracks or use them as solos. Space Toad also proviedes you with the ability to add and edit lyrics, text and SysEx events.

Space Toad MIDI Sequencer is licensed as freeware. Follow the link bellow and free download Space Toad MIDI Sequencer.


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