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TheAwsmPlayer 0.6 Free

TheAwsmPlayer 0.6

Theawsmplayer – Small player supporting multiple playlists

TheAwsmPlayer is a media player currently confined to playing only audio files(MP3, MP2, MP1, OGG, WAV, AIFF).

It is a small player and offers no mind-boggling options. It is a very simple and user friendly player. Just fire it up, click play and get working.

It supports multiple playlists, and has a window manager to do it simply. It supports themes that can be created in the app itself by even a 5 year old. It has a visualizer that is an eye-candy with carefully choosen colors. Its small.The famous VLC is 17 MB. But this is <0.5 MB Its user friendly.No more figuring out how to start the song. Unlike the WMP it does not take CPU.

Supports Crystal Visualizer.It means that you can set the visualizer on the top and do your work with no hinderence from Visualizer as it is translucent enabling you to SEE THROUGH IT AND CLICK THROUHT IT! On the system tray: Right Click: Set Transparent Right Double Click: Set Opaque If it distorts your background then just right click and then click Refresh

TheAwsmPlayer is licensed as freeware. Follow the link bellow and free download TheAwsmPlayer.


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