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TV 4.0

TV 4.0Tv – Watch free live TV on your PC now+ Radio

TV is an application that eliminates TV cable from your bill. It connects you to almost all TV channels so you can watch them on computer instead of TV set. The channels are live, they are worldwide and free of charge. Whether you like news, sports, music or education channels, you can find them sorted in the list, sorted in English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese and Arabic sections. TV needs no settings to run, it has an intuitive interface and could basically be considered a Plug ‘n’ Play device. Just open, select channel and watch. LIVE streaming is available 24/7 and reveals channels from all around the world. Screen is 640×480 pixels, NTSC and 4:3 format. While it supports any internet provider (ISP), it requires Broadband speed.

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