USB Lock RP Free

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USB LOCK RP network information protector and centralized endpoint control to protect information in network PCs. Block, or allow removable storage use by class in real-time. Authorize Groups of devices by VID, PID,and specific devices by hardware ID to operate on specific clients or across the network. Automatically receive alerts, and record the insertion of allowed, or blocked removable storage devices in real-time. Automatically presents full screen blocking upon unauthorized device insertion at any client. Generate security status, alerts or per machine protection history reports. Audit: system information, installed software, windows updates- security patches, and running processes on any client. Remote update or uninstall client application Protection scope: Real-time automatic control of portable flash memory devices, digital audio players including MP3 players and iPods, external magnetic hard drives, adapters bridging between standard flash memory cards and a USB connection, storage capable digital cameras (Twain blocking is optional), card readers: CF, SD, SDMicro, MMC, XD; PDA, hand-held computers , mobile phones; External optical drives: CD and DVD reader and writer drives & Floppy drives, wireless Transceivers IrDA, USB Bluetooth.

What’s new in this version: Version 5.44 compatible with higher hierarchy management.


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