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Web Historian Free

Web Historian gives a detailed report of browser history, although it locked up repeatedly before spitting out the facts. The program needs nearly 20MBs to download, and requires a quick registration during the installation. The small, unimaginative interface cuts to the chase with two simple options: you can search by specific browser history files, or search a directory and its subdirectories.

The program froze on more than one occasion during testing, but finally came through with great results. We’re pleased to find that it supports multiple browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape Navigator, Opera and Safari. Reports can be saved in an Excel spreadsheet (comma separated or tab delimited values) or our file format of choice here, HTML pages.

Web Historian’s organizational skills are impressive. The program created a folder to place separate HTML pages for each of our indicated browsers. Free for all, this application is a great way to track the use of your PC

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