XBMC Media Center 11.0 Free

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Among many media center software solutions on the market, XBMC managed to distinguish itself as most popular and easy to use. This was achieved with great dedication from thousand developers around the world who worked on this ambitious open source project.

Originally created as a media center application for the original Xbox game console, XBMC quickly grow into a fully featured software package that rivals Windows Media Center which came packaged in every Windows installation. XMBC features easy to use interface, full support for various streaming services, ability to play almost every audio and video codec known to man, and it can even look inside your ZIP and RAR archives for multimedia content.

With XBMC you can easily create playlists of your favorite multimedia, scan entire hard drive in search of audio/video files, playback multimedia from CDs and DVDs, and have quick access to weather forecasts and audio visualizations.

With XBMC, your PC will become true center of your household’s multimedia consumption.



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