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Zillya Internet Security Free

Zillya Internet Security – Complete protection against viruses and hackers. Zillya! Internet Security employs simple and very user-friendly interface that could be easily understood even by beginner users. Zillya! Internet Security has all antivirus functionality: – Real-time file checking that detects and prevents viruses or other malware – Mail filter checks all incoming and outgoing mail messages for malware enabling safe and secure e-mail communication – Heuristic analysis allows detection of new and unknown malware.

What’s new in this version: Version 1.1.3109.0 fixed the following bugs:

  • Added a mechanism for restoring anti-virus bases and anti-virus engine when it’s damaged;
  • Added mechanism to verify the addresses of sites by adding them to the list of locks WEB-filter;
  • Fixed display messages about the mechanism of outdated anti-virus databases (in some cases it may appear several times);
  • Fixed inability to run the file monitor (Guard) after certain types of failures of service scan engine;

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